Distillation Herrison

Distillation Herrison is a brand name for the production of liquor and liqueurs.

The production of liquor as well as liqueurs is an old trade, where the process itself did not change much throughout history. However, with time, minor improvements have increased the quality of the liquor.
In the production of our products we are dedicated to use only the highest quality resources that derive exclusively from Slovenia. We are determined to produce the best quality liquor, and therefore, we carefully control all the stages of production. The transformation of sugar into alcohol, thus the process of fermentation is strictly controlled with temperature. Furthermore, the distillation is done slowly and carefully in special, hand-made cooper alembic stills. Then the liquor is aged for many months, until it develops a unique flavor and aroma.
The liqueur recipes are the result of many years of our devotion to research and development, and are consequently rigorously guarded. All of our products are produced out of natural resources and posses no additional artificial flavors or aromas. >